About Our School

Hernando Elementary Vision/Mission

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to prepare our students for tomorrow’s world by providing effective and innovative educational practices in a safe and supportive environment.


Vision Statement:

Unlock the full potential of all students.  Our school is committed to inspiring life-long learners, motivating students and staff, fostering a student centered culture, providing a safe, equitable learning environment that includes cultivating responsible citizens, teaching life skills necessary for success, and continued improvement.  



We will be the place people want to be.  We will have all students reading at their grade level.  We will obtain a 90% growth rate. 



All students can learn.

Learning is a lifelong process.

Everyone is unique and has value.

A safe and supportive environment nurtures and fosters growth.

Decisions must be based on what is best for all students.

Education is a joint school, family, and community venture.