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Mrs. Beth Purvis

My name is Beth Purvis. I am the music teacher at Hernando Elementary School!  I earned a bachelors degree and masters degree in Music from the University of Mississippi.  I  am also certified in levels 1 & 2 of Orff and have had level 1 training in Kindermusik. 

My husband and I have 1 daughter.  She is a junior at Mississippi State University.

 I am eager to work with your children and help them develop a love for MUSIC! I have many wonderful Music lessons planned for the  2019-2020 school year!

About Music
The children at Hernando Elementary School are provided an eclectic music program.  Children develop music skills through singing, moving, composing, listening and playing instruments.  Music lessons are developed from the Mississippi Music Curriculum and the  National Music Standards.

Keep hands feet and objects to yourself.

Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Always be kind.

Music Terms

TIMBRE (TONE COLOR) - the special sound of a voice or instrument


SOLFEGE - a vocal exercise sung to the  syllables  DO,RE,MI,FA,SO,LA,TI,DO


DYNAMICS - the loudness or softness of sounds


FORM -the order of sections in music. (same and different parts)


PITCH-the highness or lowness of a sound


A CAPPELLA -to sing with no accompaniment

RHYTHM -the duration of sound; patterns of sound, long, short, or steady combinations

MELODY - the tune; an organized sequence of pitches

HARMONY- the combination of two or more pitches

BEAT- a steady pulse, like the beat of your heart or the ticking of a clock

TEMPO - the speed at which the music is played

Cultural Events

The Memphis Symphony has several wonderful  performances scheduled for the year! HES students would enjoy their LIBRARY TUNES AND TAILS!


Please check their website,, for times and locations. You will find the information under their calendar of events.


Be sure to look at They also have performances scheduled that children will enjoy.


Coro Rio has a wonderful choral program for children, teens and adults. They have a wonderful web site listing their outstanding choral groups!