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Weekly Information Sheet

October 22-Nov. 2


Reading: BATS.. Skills:  distinguish between fiction/nonfiction books, text features, ask/answer questions, story elements, making connections, retelling, who is telling the story, characters, setting, major events, central message.


Math: place value (tens, ones)


English/Writing: present and past tense and future tense verbs, informational writing


Spelling: sat, sock, resting, dog, milk, thank, needed, glad, street, cost, friend, cost-- Spelling test is on Thursday. Please practice spelling every night, this helps the students do well on the test.

Sight Words:  Make sure your child knows all the K sight words then begin to work on the 1st grade words.  Continue to progress as needed.  We have some excellent readers.

(students must know sight words in order to progress on their reading levels)


Story Vocabulary:colonies- groups of animals that live together, pup- a baby bat, echolocation-to find objects by sending out sounds, then listening to the sound that bounces back. hibernate- to enter a sleeplike state in winter, nocturnal-active at night.  

Review: fangs-long, sharp and sometimes hollow teeth, harmless-not dangerous, spider-animal with 8 legs that can spin/build a web, venom-poisionous fluid that some animals use to kill prey and defend themselves, silk-strong fiber made by spiders to make webs, catch prey and travel. 

Review Story Vocabulary:curious-your are interested in something and want to know more about it, wander-you get lost or move away from where you are supposed to stay, odor-a smell, ,odd-strange; difficult to understand or explain, ranger-a person who protects the forest.


HOMEWORK  (Always Practice sight words in folder)


Mon.: Read book and complete comprehension sheet, language sheet, practice spelling words.

Tues. Math sheet, read practice book and spelling words


Wed.: Read practice book and study spelling words


Thurs.: Math sheet (spelling test is on Thursday)



Please send in a bag of individually wrapped candy for our Halloween treats (25 pieces or more). Send in a bucket or bag the week of the 31st.  No peanut butter please.  Also, we would like to say a big thank you for all those who supported out book fair!


Dates to Remember


Oct. 26th-Field Trip to Memphis Zoo If you are an approved chaperone through the County Office and would like to chaperone a small group of students, please let me know. If you would like to be approved through the County Office, please contact them.    

Oct. 25th-vocabulary test