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Welcome to Ms. Harris' Classroom!!!!


Reading: We are reading about polar animals! We will continue to talk about nonfiction text features. We will begin to compare/contrast texts.

Letters:  /th/ and review vowels

Math: Composing and decomposing numbers up to 5

Writing: Informational Writing



Dates to remember:

Jan. 16, 2017- MLK Holiday

Jan. 18, 2017- 100th day of school

Jan. 19, 2017- 101st day of school




Your child must master 70% of the ELA and Math Standards AND read on Independent C in order to be promoted at the end of the school year. We report your child's reading level twice a 9 weeks. (Progress Reports and report Cards starting after Christmas)


Your child MUST be present for 63% of the school day!!! Please send in a doctor's or parent note upon your child's return to school.