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Welcome to Mrs. Mayo's Kindergarten Class!

 I am so excited to be working with you and your child this year!  We are going to have a great year! 


 Important Dates to Remember:


March 21st - Report cards go home





 Classroom Skills For The Week Of

   March 18-22, 2019:


 Theme: Storms



We will discuss the main idea and supporting details of a text. We will also discuss how illustrations help explain the text. We will continue to count syllables in words.



 long and short vowels review




Sight Words:

 pretty    please

*Practice these words every night! The best way is to make flashcards.


Words we have learned (continue to practice): I, a, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, black, brown, white, purple, pink, like, yes, it, is, me, my, go, so, no, can, see, the, am, at, and, you, play, he, she, we, look, good, for,to, do, what, little, on, our, say, said, was, up, in, will, get, ride, one, two, three, four, ran, run, away, big, this, find, did, jump, down,went, under, there, come, help, with, not, all, here, that, are, into, where, well,make, ate, saw, pretty, please




We will continue to draw pictures and write sentences to tell facts about a topic. Our sentences must begin with a capital letter, have spaces between words, and end with the correct punctuation. We will use kindergarten spelling by sounding out our words and writing what we hear.






We will solve mixed addition and subtraction problems within 10. We will also count to 100 and count by 10's to 100.



 Important Reminders:

Please remember that your child must be at school for 63% of the day in order to be counted  present.  If your child is at school for less than 63% of the day, he/she will be counted absent. 

If your child misses a day of school, please send a doctor's excuse or a completed absence form to school when your child returns. 

Please check back each week to see what we are working on in our classroom.  If you ever have a question or concern about your child, please don't hesitate to contact me!  You can send me a note in your child's folder, email me on this website, or call the school and leave me a message.  I will get back to you as soon as possible!