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Weekly Information Sheet


Mar. 18-22

Reading: Dinosaurs skills: distinguish between fiction/nonfiction books, text features, ask/answer questions about details in a text, story elements, making connections, retelling, inferencing, visualization, wondering/questioning while reading, character traits, main idea and details, author’s point

Math: time to hour and half hour

English/Writing: writing dates correctly

Spelling: find, saw, now, old, taking, joining, shouted, fault, starvation, plastic, four, word   **Spelling test will be on Thursday.

Sight Words: Review the ten highlighted words on the Sight Word List and continue with the rest of the words on the page. We will begin testing again this week.

Vocabulary Words: : evidence-facts, objects, or signs that help prove something is true, discover-find something, especially something that was hidden or lost, protect-keep from harm or danger, gigantic-very, very big, fossil-hardened impression of a plant or animal that lived long ago      


Mon.: Read book and complete comprehension sheet, language sheet

Tues. Math sheet

Wed.: Read a book and study spelling.

Thurs.: Math sheet



This is the beginning of our last 9 weeks. Students are expected to do more work independently. Please go over classwork and homework. This is the time that mastery of skills is determined.  


Dates to Remember


March 21st-Report Cards


March 21st-Wear your favorite Disney shirt and donate $1 for Down Syndrome Awareness.


March 29th-PTA Hat Day $1


April 19th and 22nd-Easter holidays










      Helpful Websites




Fry Word Link



 Ordinal Numbers Games


 Sound Recognition Games


 Word Family Games



Building/Reading Words Games








Rhyming Games








ABC Order Games








Money Games








Additon Games























Other Smart Board Interactive Games/Activities

see curriculum guide link at the bottom of the home page
phonics and beginning reading lessons, songs, and videos
math, logic, thinking, and problem-solving activities
* good, includes interactive 100’s chart
interactive learning resources and hands-on internet sites

Lists of links to other websites
a NY school district,
*includes a create your own interactive games program
click on Instructional resources,
then Interactive educational games
Jefferson Co., TN
quick links (at the right) then interactive websites
interactive resources *very easy to find, lots of sites
Website sorted by grade/subject/objective
*very good
click on technology, curriculum, then interactive links
*very good (especially for kindergarten and first grade)

Online tools
Educator resources, Lesson activities, Browse curriculum standards, United States, then put in MS, grade and subject for Notebook lessons
classic children’s books read aloud by the Screen Actor’s guild members
Online viewing of cartoon, including Liberty’s Kids. Requires free sign-up process.

 Very cool powerpoints and links to other powerpoint sites. Just great teacher stuff, printables, games, etc.




This is the one with the interactive hundred's chart using transparent counters.




paint program for spelling words