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Mrs. Marshall’s Wise Owls Newsletter


             Mar.5-Mar. 9



Standards RI1.1 Ask and answer questions about key details in a text. RI1.2 Retell stories including key details

RL1.3 Describe story elements using key details RL1.4 Identify words or phrases that suggest feelings or emotions using clues from the story. RI1.9 Identify basic similarities. RL1.10 Comprehension strategies RL1.5 Explain major differences between books that tell stories and books that give information RI1.6/1.7 Illustrations RF: 1.3 Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words. L.1.1a Complete sentences L1.1 Possessive Pronouns

Reading: Dr. Seuss Books

English/Writing: Students will use possessive pronouns in their writings.

Math: Students will identify coins and know the value of coins, and count coins. Money

Speaking & Listening: Students will ask and answer questions

Spelling: vacation, blue, enjoy, afternoon, how, round, dishes, argue, diver, overpay, early, learn


Review Vocabulary Words Test Friday

1. Inauguration-the ceremony that makes a new president official. 2. The White House-home of the American president. 3. Oval Office- where the president works. 4. Vice President-second in command to the President 5. Mount Vernon- name of George Washington’s farm 6. Air Force One-the name of the plane that carries the president. 7. hero- someone you look up to because the person is brave or good or has done something special. 8. track-to search for a person or following a smell or footprints. 9. preserve-you do not give up. 10 respect-you have a good opinion of or admire a person because of what they have done or how they have behaved.11. freedom- being free from the power of another 12. equality-having the same rights 13. segregation- keeping people of different races, religions, etc., separate from each other 14. peace- a period of time when there is no war or fighting 15. boycott-to stop buying or using


Dear Parents,

Thanks for all you do. We had a great week! We will be testing sight words and other assessments for report cards. Please continue to work on math flash cards, sight words, and retelling a story. Students also need to know the differences between fiction/nonfiction books. We will have a vocabulary test as well. This week first grade is celebrating Dr. Seuss Birthday. Please refer to your blue note that was sent home last week.

Thank you,

Mrs. Marshall





Dates to Remember


Mar.2-8. Dr. Seuss Celebration


Mar.12-16 Spring Break


Mar. 22 Report Cards


Mar. 30-Apr. 2 Easter Holidays




Mon. Read book or reading activity /Language activity


*Tues. Math activity sheet


*Wed. Read a Book and study spelling words


*Thurs. Math sheet




Wed. Cold Reads/Math drill Thurs.-Spelling Test


Fri.– Math, Language, & Vocabulary Test


Wish List


Clorox Wipes, Kleenex, Wooden pencils, Baby Wipes










Important Information


*We would like First Grade to read on a level I before advancing to 2nd grade. They must master 70% of the Language Arts and Math skills before advancing to 2nd grade.