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Ms.  Cassie  Smithmier
Kindergarten Teacher
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Welcome to

Miss Cassie's Kindergarten Class!

May 14th-18th, 2018

"Wrapping up Kindergarten!!!"

Happy, Happy Birthday May, June, & July Birthdays!!!

Boyd-May 18th;  Summer-June 13th; 

Bryce-June 23rd;  Kari-July 3rd 


Things to remember....

  • Show & Tell this Friday! - Bring anything you want! :)
  • May 16th - Carnival Day! - More info coming soon! - We will need parent volunteers! :)
  • May 22nd - 60% day! - Early Dismissal! - Is is also "Senior Walk" day.  The Hernando High School graduates will walk the halls of HES.
  • May 23rd 60% day! - Early Dismissal! - Students last day of school! - Report Cards go home!





 What's going on in the classroom?

Reading/Language-  Review!  We will compare and contrast characters and their experiences in a story. We will listen and retell stories including the beginning, middle, andend.  We will work with rhyming words.  We will identify beginning sounds and final sounds in words.  We will identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.  We will also makeconnections to a text.  We will work with syllables.  We will talk about fiction and nonfiction.  We will discuss the roles of the author and illustrator.

Phonics-  Review!

Sight Words-  REVIEW! saw, their, make, now, then, came, our, which, were, when, your, here, where, who, there, how, look, what, from, will, out, has, went, into, not,but, come, if,put, big, get, all, they, by, she,do, was, this, of, that, up, little, as, play,or, for,have, an,no, so, are, is, his, me, am, with, my, be,the, go, and, it, we, on, see, like, at, he, you, in, can, to, a, I, red, orange, yellow, green,blue, purple, pink, black, brown, white,  zero, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten  (Practice every night :)

Math-  Review!  We will review numbers 0-20.  We will practice counting sets of objects up to 20.  We will also practice writing numbers 0-20.  We will practice counting to 100.  We will practice counting on from a given number to 100.  We will also count by 10's to 100.

Writing We will write simple sentences.  We will also work on adding details and labeling to our drawings.

Theme-  Ocean Animals



                    Miss Cassie's Wish List:

(Markers, Stickers, Dry-Erase Markers, items for the Treasure Box, & Bandaids)

Thank you!!!


Hey Parents!!!  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your child!  You may call me at school, email me, or send me a note in your child's daily folder!     Miss Cassie :) 



  • Please remember that your child must be at school 63% of the day.  If not, they will be counted as absent.
  • Our students must be reading on a level C AND receive 70% mastery in both Language Arts and Math in order to be promoted to First Grade.  Please make sure you are keeping up with your child's sight words and reading with them every night!