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HES 1st Grade Student Donates School Supplies to DCS
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Monday, August 15, 2016

1st Grade Student Donates School Supplies to DCS

From left, Emily Holley, Amberlee Holley and Lillian Holley. Lillian asked her friends for school supplies instead of birthday gifts. She donated the supplies to DeSoto County Schools.

     What six-year-old gives up the prospect of birthday gifts to gather school supplies for kids in need?

     Meet Lillian Holley of Hernando.

     This first grade student had a party at a gym, complete with birthday cake and ice cream. What was a little different about this party is Lillian asked her friends to donate school supplies instead of a birthday gift and her friends generously obliged. There were backpacks, packages of pencils, reams of paper, notebooks, markers and paints. Lillian, along with her two sisters and mother, brought the supplies to DeSoto County Schools’ Central Office and asked that they be distributed to students who need them most.

     “It makes my heart feel good,” said Lillian, a student at Hernando Elementary School.

     Her older sister, Amberlee, added, “I plan to do the same thing on my birthday.”

     The sisters learned the supplies will go to school counselors who all have closets to store supplies until a student needs them.

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