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HES Courtyard Project by Mrs. Meg
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Monday, October 23, 2017
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Help fund the outdoor learning space for our kiddos!!!


Our elementary school is made up of 670 preschool, Kindergarten, and First Grade students. The other schools within our community are newer, larger buildings and campuses that offer many amenities that our older, smaller school doesn't have.

We need an outdoor space that offers our students learning opportunities in a variety of settings and locations though out the school.

Our school contains a diverse group of children who have maintained wonderful tests scores by working diligently day in and day out. Our students at HES work diligently for 7 hours each day to maintain wonderful test scores, great behaviors, and respectful manners. They deserve an adequately furnished outdoor space to provide them with an area to participate in doing special experiments, reading stories, writing projects, and/or having snack or lunch with family and friends. The large, shade trees that are already located in the courtyard provide a peaceful area for endless learning possibilities to take place. When you are 3-7 years old, being outside makes everything better! These tables will also offer a centrally located outdoor space for special fundraisers and PTA events that are often held within the school.


Please go to to help fund this exciting project for our kiddos at HES!!!

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