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My name is Constance Collins Belew.


I am here to help students and parents! This is my sixth year as an elementary school counselor, and I love what these little minds teach us each day!
  You can reach me at 662-429-4160 or email at constance.belew@dcsms.org
If you have questions regarding registration please call our front office at 662-429-4160.
Registration links are on our main website. 
What to get together New Students:


  • Certified Birth Certificate (original document)
  • 121 Mississippi shot record marked complete for school entry (original document)
  • 2 Proofs of residency that include a lease or mortgage as the primary proof
  • and utility bill, car tag, or government mail for secondary proof  (original documents)
  • Online Info snap registration for new student 2017-2018

What to get together Returning Students (attended a Desoto County School during the 16-17 school year): 

  • Get you snap code from your email, by calling us, or coming by our office. 
  • Enter your snap code in our infosnap registration website for returning student 2017-2018 and update your student's information, be sure to click submit!
  • Bring two proofs of residency by our office, one proof must  be a lease or mortgage document, and the second proof must be a utility bill, car tag, or government mail. All proofs must be dated within 30 days of regsitration. 




Practice and Prepare for kindergarten this summer with information and fun activities to do at home from the link listed below:







I will be seeing your student's biweekly as a large group to learn how to build and apply strong character as a student, friend, and citizen. We will begin with the topic of Friendship.

I also see students in small group and for individual sessions. If you would like to request  meeting or a session with me, please call 662-429-4160, and I will be glad to talk with you and/or your student.  



How to become a Hernando Hero


Hernando Elementary School is implementing additional supports for our School Wide Positive Behavior Intervention System. Our school wide positive behavior Motto is: Be a Hernando Hero!










Your student may be rewarded with individual and classroom Tiger Paw Prints when they are caught displaying our school’s behavioral expectations. Incentives and rewards will be given weekly and monthly for students and classrooms that earn the most Tiger Paws. We look forward to a fantastic year working with your student and you! Here are some examples of behaviors listed below that earn Tiger Paws:


·         Hold the door for someone


·         Help clean up


·         Play with someone who needs a friend


·         Use nice words


·         Share & take turns


·         Keep hands, feet, and other objects to self


·         Quiet voices in the building


·         Follow School & Bus rules


·         Try your best on your work


·         Use manner words like please, excuse me, and thank you


 If any parents would like to volunteer to help with rewards for the students, please contact me.

Tips on how to talk about school:

  • Let's see what you brought home today. Check out your student's completed work and respond to notes from the teacher.
  • Show me what you have for homework. Have your child explain the assignment to you to check for understanding before they begin homework so that you do not have to do it twice!
  • Describe something you enjoyed at school today, a book, an activity, playing with a friend. You will learn what your child enjoys about school!
  • Tell me what you learned that you would like to know more about. This uses your child's interests for a jumping off point for fun activities to learn and share together.

After school quick questions for the quiet child:

  1. What was the coolest thing that happened to day, and why was it cool?
  2. Pretend you are teacher, What happened at school today?
  3. What made you laugh at school today?
  4. What was the most creative thing you did today?
  5. How were you helpful today?
  6. How were you kind today?
  7. Was anyone kind or helpful to you?